WOD for Thursday, Dec 28, 2017

Conditioning A 28-12-2017

EMOM 20:

Run 75 Meters (3x75m)
Row 100 Meters / Ski Erg x 20s / Assault Bike x 20s / Sledpush x 20s

Conditioning B 28-12-2017

15m Bottoms-up KB Carry each (light)
25m Single Arm Farmer Carry each (heavy)
Plank Complex (side + elbow + side x 10s-10s-10s)

Extra Credit 28-12-2017

10:00 of easy conversational pace work ie. row, bike or ski erg
*Every minute complete: 10 Deadbugs

Open Gym

Make a note of your achievements in 'Open Gym'

Weightlifting Class 28/12/2017

General Warm-Up
Oly Warm-Up
Snatch First Pull Review

A) Pause Snatch (pause at mid-thigh position for :02)
B) Pause Snatch (pause at knee position for :02)
C) Pause Snatch (pause at 2cm off floor position for :02)
D) Snatch

Further reading: https://www.catalystathletics.com/exercise/392/Segment-Snatch/