WOD for Thursday, Jun 22, 2017

Open Gym

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Getting Pushy – Day 8 – 22/06/2017

This is a short program designed to help you get your first push-ups happening! From zero to hero!

Time Under Tension
5 x :15 at arms straight, :10 at arms bent half way, :10 in active bottom position. Rest 2:00 between sets.

Needs to be VERY tough.
Adjust the difficult by using an incline (easier), floor (medium), added weight vest (harder).

Muscle Endurance
3 rounds alternate between;
8-12 x Pause Bench Press @ moderate weight (each rep stops at chest); rest :30
8-12 x Pause V-Grip PullDown @ moderate weight (each rep stops at the chest); rest 1:30

3 rounds
5/arm x ½ Turkish Get-Up (from lying to sitting position = 1 rep); rest :30
5-10 x Body Saw (feet in rings); rest 1:00

See or ask Ben for help!