WOD for Thursday, Oct 31, 2019

Olympic Lifting 31-10-2019

Power Snatch: 10 x 2, adding weight if form permits. Rest 90s.

  • Goal build to a heavy double – reset on each rep
  • Build to a technically proficient set of 2
  • The goal for proficient athletes is 85% of 1RM


AMRAP 15:00
5 Power Snatches (52.5/35kg)
10 Toes to Bar
15 Wall balls (20/14)

  • Rx+: 60/42.5kg
  • Scaling Options: Touch n Go Deadlifts with a light to moderate weight for power snatch if needed.

Extra Credit 31-10-2019

2:00 Max Reps Double Leg Banded Hamstring Curls
2:00 45 Degree Biphasic Hip Flexor Stretch (60s each)
2:00 of Parasympathetic Breathing

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