WOD for Tuesday, Nov 07, 2017

Gymnastics EMOM

Every minute on the minute for 8 min alternating:

  • Odd: 20-30s Kipping (Adv: T2B, Butterfly Pull-up)
  • Even: 10-20s L-Sit or L-Hold (Adv: HS Walking)

Row/KBS/DU intervals

Every 5:00 for 4 sets

  • Row 500m (max 2:00)
  • 50 Double under
  • 25 Russian swing 32kg/24kg

Extra credit

Complete 5:00 of "cooldown work" on bike, run or rower


Complete 5:00 of tissue work/static stretching

Open Gym

Make a note of your achievements in 'Open Gym'