WOD for Wednesday, Aug 09, 2017

12 min Strict HSPU Ladder.

12 min Strict HSPU Ladder.

  • Perform 3 reps at each position. Reps can be split.
  • Begin with 5 foam pads under the head.
  • Remove a pad after every 3 reps.
  • After 3 successful reps head-to-floor, you will start deficit HSPUs using 5/10kg plates.
  • Add 5/10kg under the hands after every 3 reps.
  • Goal is to go as far as possible in the 12 min time cap.

Record details!

Deadlift and Wall Climb

For time;
21 x Deadlift @100/70kg
7 x Wall Climb
15 x Deadlift @100/70kg
5 x Wall Climb
9 x Deadlift @100/70kg
3 x Wall Climb

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